Château Picard


Château Picard

49, rue Camille Godard
33000 Bordeaux

+33 5 56 56 04 35
+33 5 56 56 04 59
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Château Picard

Official Vintage Selection
Surface area
8 ha
Planting density
9000 vines/hectare
Grape variety
15% Merlot ; 85% Cabernet Sauvignon
Age of the vines
30 years

"in recently refurbished cellars with most modern equipment. After fermentation, the wine is left to macerate on the skins during 15 to 20 days for maximum extraction of colour, aroma and tannin."
"between 12 and 18 months in oak barrels, with 35% new barrels."
45 000 bottles
Sales and marketing
Tasting Notes

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One word to describe my wine

The history of the Château
"Château Picard, (located in the centre of Saint-Estèphe), was classified a cru bourgeois in 1932, and has always been considered one of the best wines in the appellation. This is the most recent vineyard purchased by Mähler-Besse (1997). The 8-hectare estate was chosen for its considerable potential and medium-sized area, making it easier to oversee production. Once they bought Château Picard, Mähler-Besse renovated the Napoléon III-style cellars and installed efficient winemaking equipment, incorporating gravity flow. The exceptional soil is clayey for the most part, which is quite typical of Saint-Estèphe. It is also full of fossilised cockleshells and sea urchins. Château Picard is mostly planted with Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is subtly smoky and spicy. It is definitely high-class, and easy to identify because of its unusual label showing two flamingos standing on one leg, wings outstretched."

Food pairings for my wine
red meat, dishes with a sauce, cheeses.

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