The Artist’s choice

Art and the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc

For each Official Selection, the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc commission an artist to customize their logo.

Michaël Husser, known as Mika, was born in 1983 in Alsace. A carpenter by training, he is now a graphic designer & illustrator. Mika has travelled extensively, and lived in New Caledonia before moving to Bordeaux.

His great passion is drawing; it was in Australia that he painted his first mural. In this way he moved from his sketchbooks out into the streets. Michaël strives to keep the movement captured in his studies, while at the same time adding substance.



September 2017: Guest at the Label Valletta festival in the Loiret.
June 2017: Guest at the Kufa’s Urban Art festival in Luxembourg.
May 2017: Participation in the street art festival in Vannes: "Vannes et sa Street”.
February 2017: SIX CAPS collective exhibition at Vivres de l’Art in Bordeaux.
October 2016: Participation in the Street Arte Bike exhibition at the Garage Moderne in Bordeaux.
July 2016: Participation in the Shake Well international graffiti festival in Bordeaux
July 2015: Artist residency in Australia (Victoria): Fresco project in centre of Rey.
March 2015: "Hakuth” personal exhibition at the Maison du Livre in New-Caledonia.
January 2015: Artist for the opening of the 2015 season at the Art Centre in Nouméa (New-Caledonia).


His view of the work:

My idea for the customization of the “Cru Bourgeois” Logo was to bring extra energy to both the colours and the substance, with the tools and painting techniques that I usually use outside.

The letters are thus recreated with bursts of spray paint, which also gives them texture, recalling the soil and the terroir. The drops of thinned paint place the element of water at the core.

And then the colours... between sun and earth, flashes of bright colour enliven the grey of the usual “Cru Bourgeois” logo.

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