Château les Lattes


Château les Lattes

25 chemin de l'Escapon
33340 Queyrac

+33 6 98 81 31 22
+33 5 56 32 85 83
En construction

GPS coordinates
45.3532609 / -0.9856257000000141
Wine tourism

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Château les Lattes

Official Vintage Selection
Gravels and limestone
Surface area
12 ha
Planting density
5 555 pieds/ha
53 hl/ha
Grape variety
48% Cabernet Sauvignon, 52% Merlot
Age of the vines
20 years

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90 000 bottles
Sales and marketing
Languages spoken
French, English, German, Chinese
Tasting Notes

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One word to describe my wine

The history of the Château
Château Carcanieux has a surface of 40 ha most of it dedicated to vineyard (37 ha). Located in Queyrac on a hill named “Highlands of Carcanieux”, its soils is very gravely. From the many stones surrounding the Château came from its name carved on the fronton “Carcanieux Les Graves”. Under "Château Carcanieux" two entities existed for a long time : Château Carcanieux "Les Graves" and Château Carcanieux "Les Lattes", which the origins and the anteriority cannot be disputed beacause of their quotation since 1868 in "Bordeaux et ses Vins" by Cocks and Féret. Both names were used until 1968 : further to their membership to the “Syndicat des Crus Bourgeois”, and to avoid quite confusion, they distinguished themselves and became "Château Carcanieux" and "Château Les Lattes".

Food pairings for my wine
A delicious wine to try with a chocolate fondant.

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